Hi, I'm C. Nicki Krom

Growing up in a tiny Pacific Northwest town, I immersed myself in the written word. Stories were a passport to inaccessible places and experiences. I’ve spent twenty years studying, applying, and teaching the nuances of storytelling. The crux of great writing is the ability to elicit emotion, desire, and action from an audience. I am a storyteller.

I have five years of experience in the newspaper industry as a freelance writer and weekly columnist. I specialized in feature writing —connecting audiences to the people and places who make up a community. I spent six years in academia earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and my Masters in Teaching with an endorsement in English. My time as a student translates to thousands of writing hours.

I soon discovered that the work of a student pales in comparison to the work of the instructor. I learned the most about myself as a writer, and human being, as a teacher. For twelve years, I authored lessons meant to inform, entertain, and inspire the most discerning and unforgiving of critics — teenagers. Content needs to be concise, creative, authentic, and relevant. If it’s not, you’ll instantly see it in glazed eyes and absent-minded scrolling.

I believe that writers have a unique opportunity and obligation to make ideas, people, and places accessible to their readers. I’m passionate about creating content that opens doors — the way stories opened doors for me. If you’d like to learn more about my approach to crafting compelling copy, please feel free to reach out!

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